Why You Should Love Ham Radios

Ham and 2-way radios are used by people from all walks-of-life and in every corner of the world. Since the discovery of radio waves, their use has provided for the development of thousands of applications in industries ranging from farming to aerospace engineering and beyond. Radios provide a universal means of communicating that connects people together and is a technology that is ever evolving. So, we’ve put together a few of the more compelling reasons for getting involved with ham and 2-way radios.


Ham and 2-way radios have only become more affordable as time has passed. Many parts are interchangeable, easy to find, and easy to fix. That old ham radio in your grandfather’s attic can be up and running with just a few new parts a little knowhow. While technology is quickly advancing, an affinity for classic radios keeps them alive and their parts inexpensive, as well as readily available. If any of your 2-way radio’s programming software becomes out of date, wonderful companies like us have access to all the best software updates with USB charging cables designed for each specific radio at great prices.

Learn about Radios & Radio Waves

The hobby of radio communication is a great way to spark an interest in science and technology for young people. Learning about ham radios teaches them everything from soldering and wiring, to what radio waves are and how they work. It’s a hobby that requires patience and critical thinking in order to troubleshoot the various issues that will inevitably arise. From building a ham radio from scratch to programming the most advanced radios, the learning never stops!  

Fun for the Entire Family

In a time where many people are glued to their smartphones, radio communication provides the perfect platform for coming together as a family. The entire family gets to play with technology, learn about radio waves, and get to know people from all over the world. Ham radios are especially great for families who live away from each other. You’ll take great joy in designating a time to communicate with your family members wherever they are using a technology that will always be available to them. Forming these healthy habits will help keep your family close and radio communication alive well into your family’s future generations.

Radios Work When Everything Else Fails

Radio communication is especially valuable during natural disasters where mobile phone signals may be overwhelmed. Radio channels will be much less cluttered and provide an easy way to communicate with family, friends, and even law enforcement. Handheld 2-way radios are a great way to keep in touch with friends and family members at festivals or large sporting events, as well. You’ll be able to communicate with each other much easier and with fewer interruptions while everyone else tries and fails to make calls on their mobile phones, saving you time and frustration.

There are plenty of reasons to fall in love with radio communications. From their unique history to their impossible to imagine future, the use of radios and radio waves isn’t going anywhere. Share how you got involved with radio communications in the comments below. We’d love to hear your stories!


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