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Programming Radios with RT Systems

Today, HAM radios are used for everything from simple side hobbies to emergency situations. While using a HAM radio may seem like a relatively easy feat, trying to program a small handheld radio to do specific tasks using the buttons and knobs on the device can be a tedious process no matter how experienced you are. Not only can it be frustrating, but it may hinder you from getting the most from your handheld device by hiding critical features of your devices behind complicated processes. RT systems software allows you to program your radio with a much easier platform - your very own computer. If you’re looking for an easier, more efficient way to program and personalize your handheld radio, here are some things you can expect from RT systems software.

An easy to use excel-like spreadsheet The RT Systems interface will essentially resemble the format of an excel sheet which makes it easy to see exactly what you’re telling your handheld to do. By creating this software in the form of a …