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Will There Be a HAM Radio Resurgence?

The dedication of hardcore HAM radio enthusiasts has helped keep the tradition alive with affordability playing an additional powerful role. But, is there a swelling of interest among the younger generation in radio communications? If you’re anything like the rest of America, you’ve seen, or at least heard of, the Netflix original show ‘Stranger Things’ that’s captured the heart of millions and kept them captivated by a world that embodies sci-fi, Stephen King, and killer 80’s music.
The show follows a group of kids who become mixed up in some dangerous scientific experiments being conducted by a top-secret government agency. These courageous kids, the heroes of the show, are avid HAMs. They are part of their school’s A.V. club and often seen using the “Heathkit ham shack” on several occasions with their CB radios to stay in contact over the course of some terrifying situations. What started out as a fun hobby quickly escalates into a vital skill imperative to their survival. Throughou…