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Why You Should Love Ham Radios

Ham and 2-way radios are used by people from all walks-of-life and in every corner of the world. Since the discovery of radio waves, their use has provided for the development of thousands of applications in industries ranging from farming to aerospace engineering and beyond. Radios provide a universal means of communicating that connects people together and is a technology that is ever evolving. So, we’ve put together a few of the more compelling reasons for getting involved with ham and 2-way radios.
Ham and 2-way radios have only become more affordable as time has passed. Many parts are interchangeable, easy to find, and easy to fix. That old ham radio in your grandfather’s attic can be up and running with just a few new parts a little knowhow. While technology is quickly advancing, an affinity for classic radios keeps them alive and their parts inexpensive, as well as readily available. If any of your 2-way radio’s programming software becomes out of date, wonderful compa…

Ham Radio & Disaster Relief

Ham radio operators build and operate radios out of a love for science, engineering and the thrill radio communication provides. However, when a disaster hits, they become an indispensable link between communities, first responders and law enforcement. During natural disasters, the phone lines may become overwhelmed, power service disrupted, and roadways including bridges impassable. This makes the sharing of information extremely difficult and the spread if misinformation more likely, which can become a serious threat to public safety and security. With the use of ham radios, the right resources can be allocated where they are needed, quickly and efficiently. These scenarios have been playing out in real-time recently and the use of ham radios has resulted in countless lives saved.
Many licensed amateur ham radio enthusiasts around the nation (and the world) have organized in an effort to maintain clear lines of communications during and after disasters. Many groups in the United Sta…